The Whole 30 with my kids

This week I am preparing to start the Whole 30.  I have done many elimination eating plans before and I am excited to try this one.  My kids (12yo and 16 yo) and husband have decided to join me, so it will take more preparation than usual to be ready.

Preparing for a change in the way we eat for me is the hardest part.  I start with eating all of the ‘not allowed foods’, so they are not in the house as a temptation.  Then I stock the house with lots of ‘allowed food’ options, since I don’t really like being hungry or feeling like there’s nothing to eat.  As a family, we also have to review recipes and meal plans to make sure we are successful.

In my house, our biggest hurdle is that we are all addicted to sugar.  We do a 'no sugar eating' for a month at least once a year, usually after the holidays, so this isn’t new for us and we all have created our pearls that help us to be successful.  My hope is that doing the Whole 30 as a family, will help us to get closer to combating this sugar addiction, once a for all.