PayPal and most major credit cards are accepted for payment.

Option 1: Cash or Out-of-Network Provider

All payments for services are due at the time of your appointment. We will not bill your insurance directly. This allows us to provide detailed and personalized care for every patient without the limitations that insurance imposes on providers. If your insurance covers the services that you received in our clinic, I will provide you with the necessary paperwork needed to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement for your appointment. Most insurance companies in Washington State are required to cover naturopathic medicine and acupuncture, though coverage benefits can vary from plan to plan.

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Option 2: Follow up by Skype

I will need to see you physically the first time I work with you. All follow up appointments can be scheduled via phone or Skype. I offer this to all my patients for convenience, as your time is important and Seattle traffic can be stressful.

Phone consults are:

10 min     $45

20 min     $95

30 min     $140