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                         The time to live is now!

       Reverse your symptoms and restore your health

after just 6 weeks!

Get your health back with this customized program, it’s time for you to Restore to Health.

Your symptoms are the way your body gets your attention to do something different.  It's a message that something is out of balance and needs some support to get back into balance.   LISTEN to your body and take the next steps to regain your health.  It takes hard work, determination and commitment, and I have seen hundreds of my patients reverse their symptoms with this program.  You can make the difference and start living again now.

I have created this program for YOU, so you can balance your hormones, reverse your symptoms and live to your fullest.  This program will walk you through each step and guide you through the entire process with all of the tools and resources you need to be successful.


How to achieve hormone balance

Hormones have many roles in our body including energy, metabolism, mood regulation and digestion.  When our hormones are out of balance we feel YUCKY.  We know there are many lifestyle factors that influence our hormones.  These include:

  • diet (protein, good fats, complex carbs)                            
  • stress reduction
  • regular exercise                                                                   
  • avoiding food triggers that cause inflammation
  • liver support (where our hormones are made)                 
  • good quality sleep
  • avoiding toxins


What’s the root cause of hormone imbalance

These are the 5 main causes that I have identified to be the root cause of hormone imbalances.

Causes of Hormone Imbalance

The Restore to Health Program will cover all 5 of the root cause of hormone imbalances.  I will explain how these are influencing your current symptoms and how to make the necessary lifestyle changes to support your hormones.


Signs you may need a restore to health

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

Difficulty concentrating                                        Mood swings

PCOS                                                                      Irritability

Trouble sleeping                                                     PMS

Waking up feeling unrefreshed                              Autoimmune Disease

Lack of energy                                                        Infertility

Sugar and carb cravings                                        Feeling bloated

Digestive discomfort                                              Irregular cycles

This program is designed for anyone struggling with hormone imbalances and symptoms like these.  I created this 6 week step by step program to find the cause of your symptoms and reverse them.  The program takes discipline, commitment, and a desire to do the work to feel better.  I will make it as easy as possible but you have to be ready to feel better.

Are You Ready To Feel Better?        

 To Understand Your Body And What It Is Telling You In A New Way? 

 To Make Decisions About Your Health That Helps You To Feel GOOD?

The Restore to Health program Is Designed To Help You With Your Health Goals.

Have a question before signing up?

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Next cleanse is Spring 2019, click below to get on the list today.  Limited to 20 people.

What to Expect: 

In this 6 week program, I will walk you through all of the steps below.  


Week 1:  Gathering information and understanding hormone imbalances

  • Lab test recommendation and review of your history

  • Complete meal plan, recipes and shopping list

  • Symptom questionnaire

  • Daily emails and members only forum for support

  • Inflammation understood

  • Foundations of health


Week 2:  Gut Healing protocol

The Gastrointestinal system is the first system we address to create real change in your hormones and reduce symptoms by treating the cause. 

  • What happens with food reactions/inflammation

  • 5 steps for gut healing

  • Good bacteria and why its so important for your GI

  • Pathways of Elimination


Week 3:  Environmental toxins

  • What you need to know about toxins

  • Shopping for organic food

  • How to get them out of your system and keep them out

  • A toxic free and healthy house

  • The benefits of sweating


Week 4:  Adrenal support system and how to manage stress

  • Learn how to balance the adrenal and nervous system

  • Tools for reducing stress

  • Sleep hygiene


Week 5:  Food Reintroduction

  • Review your reintroduction phase

  • How to know if you have a food reaction

  • Learning how your body responds to food


Week 6: Life long systems

  • Understanding food sensitivities and what to do if you have them

  • Tips on maintaining a self care schedule

  • Creating a balanced food system for YOU

What you will receive

  • One-on-one individual and personalized appointments                                                                                                    First appointment needs to be in person at Aria Integrative Health, additional ones can be in person or phone consults.  Appointments span over a 6 week time period

  • Members only Facebook group for support/questions 

  • Daily emails to help support you on this journey

  • Medical Symptom Questionnaire to identify your symptoms and individualize the program to YOU

  • 6 weeks of health information specifically for YOU

Are you ready to Feel the Difference?

Commit to YOU and sign up now


Pricing and packages

Basic Program                                                              Advanced Program 2nd time Repeat Program

$395/2 visits                                                                  $525/4 visits No visits required

The basic program with all                                          More visits if you need extra You choose 6 day or 28 day

the details                                                                    help or have many questions supplement kit.

Savings of 10%                                                            Savings of 30%

All Programs provide 6 weeks of support, members only forum and step by step program details along with all of the resources and support you need. There is a $100 discount if you sign up with a friend, giving you an extra support system with accountability. There is also a current patient discount of $45 for basic or advanced programs.


+ Supplements

This will depend on your specific scenario and will be individualized to YOU

6 day detox kit                                                  $160.00

28 day detox kit                                                $322.00

We will determine which one is right for YOU with a medical symptom questionnaire and health history.  Regardless of the supplement choice, the program is still 6 weeks.

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