Greeting the Holidays without Gluten

Who doesn’t love pumpkin pie with real sugar pie pumpkins and the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven?  As the holidays approach, having a gluten free (GF) diet can be quite challenging when sharing meals with others.  It’s great when your family or friends understand what it means to be GF and are willing to adapt some of the menu items, but it is also nice for them to not have to worry about all the hidden sources of gluten.  Bring your favorite GF item so you know you will have an option at your holiday meal !

Here are some amazing recipes and websites to encourage your holidays to be full of homemade food from the heart:

This blog is created by two Bastyr nutrition graduates who have published two amazing GF cookbooks:  The Whole Life Nutrition and Nourishing Meals.  The recipes are straightforward and very kid –friendly.  Some of my favorite holiday recipes include gluten free gravy, spiced pumpkin soup, beet pear and almond salad, pumpkin quinoa cornbread, and pumpkin spice cake.

This blog is written by a woman who has celiac disease and she shares recipes that are unique and wonderfully tasty.  She also has a GF diet cheat sheet that is thorough and enlightening for someone who is recently embarking on a GF adventure.   Recipes include pumpkin pie with praline and coconut-pecan crust, butternut pecan scones, and sweet potato cornbread.  This site has an entire selection of menu items for the holidays.

This blog is from a local woman with celiac disease.  She has created delicious recipes including some specific and traditional holiday menu items like pumpkin pie, gravy, stuffing, butternut squash soup, and cornbread.

This blog is written by a woman who was a chef educated at the New England Culinary Institute and recently discovered she is gluten intolerant.  Her recipes are dairy and egg free and she posts pictures through the food making process.  Her recipes are fantastically detailed with her culinary back ground while maintaining taste and presentation of the food.