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Dear Friend,

Do you continually report to your primary care physician that you experience one or ALL of these symptoms: brain fog, fatigue, weight gain, insomnia, thinning hair, low libido, depression or constipation?

Have they tested your TSH levels looking for a “slow thyroid” or did they put you on a thyroid medication? Have they told you your lab tests are “normal” and fine, even though you CONTINUE to deal with these symptoms daily without a solution?

If so, I am here to inform you...there's hope!

Hello, my name is Dr. Brad Bodle, DC, DACNB of Bodle Integrative Health in Des Moines, WA. I have an unique practice where we focus on helping patients who are suffering with these complex and unanswered thyroid symptoms.

Because of my specialized background and training, I am able to give our patients a unique approach to complex thyroid conditions with a neurological and physiological understanding.

You’re invited to claim a FREE thyroid consultation. This consultation is normally priced at $147, but for a very limited time, there is NO FEE for this consultation.

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"I have only known Dr. Brad since March of 2017, but he is much more than just a doctor. I consider him my friend that I can talk to and laugh with."


-Maria Hochstein, Bellingham, WA


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"I originally came to Dr. Brad because I couldn't get good results from my thyroid specialist. Now I've started losing weight and have more energy. It was rough starting out, but as time went on it got better because I had a good coach."


-Jackie Stevens, Chehalis, WA

Here’s What We Will Cover During Our FREE Private Consultation…

  • Review Your Health History

    We will take a comprehensive look at your current and past health history and your thyroid symptoms and issues.

  • Review Lab Work and Testing

    I will review any blood work and/or diagnostic tests you’ve had done, especially your TSH and thyroid tests.

  • Create A Plan of Action

    Together we will determine a plan of action to resolve your concerns, help your symptoms and reach your goals.

You Have Nothing To Lose. There Is No Cost and No Obligation.

I continually hear from my patients that this is a VERY helpful consultation. It gives them a much better understanding their thyroid condition, which gives them back control of their health. I know you will feel the same. Remember: This consultation is FREE. There is no cost and no obligation. Book your spot by filling out the form above now...



"After I was prescribed thyroid medication I continued to feel tired. Since working with you sleeping has improved, blood sugar spikes have lessened, breathing has improved and I'm less tired! I'd recommend you because you don't just treat one problem, but the whole body."


-Ruth Allen, Bonney Lake, WA

PRIVACY POLICY AND DISCLAIMERS: Your privacy is very important to us. We will not share your information. The information you provide to register for your consultation will only be used to confirm your spot. Fee for consultation is normally $147, but for a limited time, the consultation is FREE. There is no catch and no further obligation of any kind.

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